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a slight change of schedule.

only a handful of people knew about my first livejournal. it was deleted after 6 months to be replaced by this one.
my third and fourth livejournals are communities.
my fifth livejournal is private.
my sixth livejournal replaces my second livejournal, as of today. this journal will not be deleted, and will continue to have back-dated entries added.

you have been placed into 3 categories:

1) i have met you, and spent a moment or more in your company during the last year or so. you have been added to the friends list of lj #6.

2) i greatly enjoy reading your journal, but don't want you to feel obliged to read mine. you have not been added to the friends list of lj #6, yet. if you would like to read lj #6, please add tawedog and you will be added back. you will be added after a week either way.

3) i would like to continue reading your journal, however you either don't post often and/or what you post is personal to a life i am no part of, and therefore is of limited interest. you may add lj #6, but you may not be added back.

there is no reason for this. it's just something to do.
thankyou for your understanding :)

willaston.org email is having a few issues. please don't email me for at least 24 hours.
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headless dog

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thank god that's all over. voting against someone doesn't work, it's proved again.

clinton vs schwarzenegger should be much more interesting.
headless dog

some things

today, work's too busy. there's far too little time to do things like not work.

the clocks went back. darkness looms earlier. survived halloween, pretended i wasn't in and the polish people downstairs dealt bewildered with knife-weilding youngsters.

friday night at nation, adam f on a superclub sound system massaging the bowels in the most pleasurable ways. research indicated that black people are more likely to be dealers than people who wear hats. uh-oh no bags, let's keep them in my mouth. then everything went a bit wobbly and we ended up at quiggins at 4am with bewildered house boys and orange slices.

the calidonia has actual cats on the bar. there need to be more animals in drinking places.

pheasant is really tasty, i've found.

headless dog

(no subject)

i should probably explain that the photo posted yesterday was scanned from a slide i found in my grandparent's attic. it was taken by my grandmother in 1972. it's her birthday today. there's a giant wooden cat sitting under my desk.

last night, while writing, i found myself describing rude things. which has never happened before - i'm usually such a prude. it's all very confusing.